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Stassie Is Ready to Step out of BFF Kylie Jenner’s Shadow with This Incredible Brand Deal

Having famous friends can certainly give one an advantage when it comes to getting more opportunities. Kylie Jenner’s current best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou, also known as Stassie, can attest to this.

The 22-year-old social media influencer, who grew up with the Jenner sisters, has recently scored a collaboration to launch her very own line of products.

Special Collection

One of the designs in the collection

Karanikolaou has collaborated with EGO, a United Kingdom-based shoe brand, for a set of women’s footwear inspired by the influencer’s personal style.

The collection features eight styles of shoes in various silhouettes from sliders to stilettos and colors including neutrals and blacks. Prices reportedly begin at £19.99 ($23) with the more expensive styles being priced slightly higher at £24.99 ($29).

The collection became available for order on the EGO website earlier in March. The partnership is expected to help the foreign brand to make waves in the United States market.

As expected, the California native is excited about her first-ever shoe collection. Asked about her favorite piece, she mentions the Christina design, which is a clear, peep-toe mule that comes in two colors. Karanikolaou also shared her love for heels saying how wearing them makes her feel powerful.

Full Support

Karanikolaou is often pictured with Jenner in vacation and event snapshots

And it looks like she isn’t the only one excited about her new venture. The influencer reportedly celebrated the launch with her famous friends at Petite Taqueria, a celebrity hot-spot in Los Angeles.

Among those who were present in the dinner are her best friend Jenner, influencer Nikita Dragun, and the other members of Jenner’s current entourage Victoria Villarroel and Yris Palmer. Also in attendance are YouTube personality Chantel Jeffries and Internet star Kelsey Calemine.

Karanikolaou and Jenner have reportedly known each other since they were just 11 years old. However, she only became the young billionaire’s partner in crime after Jordyn Woods, Jenner’s former BFF, got tangled up in a controversy involving Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

What EGO Offers

EGO also sells more casual footwear

According to Adeel Fiaz, EGO’s co-owner, the brand has developed its own look and maintained an edge over its competitors. The brand is known for making stylish accessories and shoes at affordable price points.

Another thing that sets them apart is how they focus on a ‘social-first’ type of marketing. Aside from having over 1.4 million direct followers on Instagram, the company boasts of reaching 50 million people thanks to their collaborations with influencers like Karanikolaou.

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