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Sarah Hyland Is Freaking out About Her Health, Says She’s Paranoid to Leave the House

The coronavirus is not discriminating when it comes to who gets infected and who won’t. However, there are certain groups of people who are more vulnerable than the rest of the population. And unfortunately, ‘Modern Family’ actress Sarah Hyland belongs to one of these.

Fragile Health

Goreski also works as a stylist for Hyland

As the 29-year-old actress shared, she is particularly at risk of catching the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) because she is already immunocompromised.

The actress has a kidney condition, which entailed her taking immunosuppressants. She also told stylist Brad Goreski that everything in her house needs to be sanitized during an appearance in his ‘Brad Behavior’ podcast.

That said, being infected with the contagious virus would likely have ‘extreme consequences’ for her. People with already compromised immune systems, like Hyland, and the elderly are the ones most at risk to COVID-19, which has proven to be deadly for these groups.

Despite her condition though, Hyland says that she tries to remain calm about the situation given that she has other conditions that can be triggered by stress.

Long Medical Record

Hyland with her father, Edward

The actress has been open about her kidney dysplasia condition as well as the transplants she’s had to have because of it.

The problem causes kidneys to fail from developing while a person is still in the womb and results in chronic pain later on. Hyland first had a kidney transplant in 2012 with her own father serving as the donor.

However, she had to get a second one after her body rejected the organ. It was her younger brother Ian, who gave his kidney the next time around.

Her need for medical attention didn’t stop there as she had to go on dialysis for months in 2017. Even worse, her health was further complicated by hernia and endometriosis, a painful disorder that affects the uterus. Facing all of these, she admits that she also became ‘very depressed’.

Practicing Caution

To prevent the spread of the virus, people are now electing to stay inside their homes

Aside from staying calm, Hyland is practicing other safety measures to protect herself from choosing to stay at home and being careful when she goes out for her appointments with the doctor.

And amidst dealing with her situation, she urged other people to be compassionate and generous as there are individuals who could actually die.

At the moment, there are reportedly over 220,000 people infected with the virus around the world. Around 9,200 people died of the illness while an estimated 85,000 have recovered. Meanwhile, the rest of the population is encouraged to practice social distancing to slow down infection rates.

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