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Luxury Car Owners Have This Shocking Trait That Will Make You Think Twice Before Purchasing a New Ride

Haven’t you noticed how people who usually have luxury cars tend to be obnoxious? Apparently, there’s a logic behind that.

According to a research by a University of Helsinki team, there may be a link between the two. The lead author of the study, Jan-Erik Lonnqvist, wanted to see if people who are self-centered or aggressive lean toward higher class rides, like BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

Are owners of Audi vehicles self-centered?

Jan-Erik noticed that most of those who didn’t let pedestrians cross the streets, beat the red light, or drive too fast were owners of German vehicles.

What’s your guess? If you predicted that stubborn and argumentative men are likely to have luxury vehicles, then you’re right.

However, the research also found that conscientious men and women, or those who are thoughtful, were also likely to have high-status cars, which only made things complicated.

Other studies show that upper class vehicle owners are more likely to violate rules of the traffic

But researchers have taken into consideration other studies that showed that upper class drivers are more likely to violate road rules because of self-entitlement. Therefore, these helped the authors in determining why luxury car owners also tend to have bad driving practices.

Finnish authors, however, argued that this wasn’t because of the effects of the social class, instead, it is linked to personality traits that dispose them to buy these types of expensive cars. In short, wealthy individuals may see themselves as superior, so they want to show it off, Jan-Erik explained.

There’s also a chance that thoughtful luxury car drivers, meanwhile, want to show to the world that they are responsible owners.

The study analyzed close to 1,900 car owners in Finland whose average age is 53.5. As per some studies, narcissists usually prefer items that highlight their personal uniqueness, however, authors wanted to know more about this.

The respondents were asked to measure levels of conscientiousness, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and neuroticism, as well as details about their income and vehicles.

Many luxury car drivers were naturally angered with the results of the study, with some contacting Jan-Erik and telling him that not all expensive ride owners are aggressive or stubborn. The lead author further noted that Audi and BMW owners were more concerned about the outcome of the research.

Electric cars may be a better way to show off your wealth

Lastly, Jan-Erik pointed out that there are other ways of proving a person’s status. Nowadays, electric cars have become status symbols, which is better because these vehicles are more environment-friendly because these don’t emit harmful gases.

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