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The Best Free Movie Streaming Websites for Complete Entertainment

Movies are among the best forms of entertainment. But where can you access movies online for free? There are a few free online movie streaming sites. The list includes a mix of paid as well as free movie websites. For a majority of these, no sign up or account is required; enjoy any particular movie anywhere and anytime. Streaming movies are beneficial for those unwilling to keep movies and fill up space on devices. Some sites also host TV series and host a variety of contents. Alternatively, you can purchase a Amazon Fire TV Stick to access the best free movie streaming websites, as given below:

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Sony Crackle is the best free movie streaming site in USA partnering Sony Pictures to bring great Hollywood movies. The service is cost-free but some commercial breaks exist while the high quality movies are on, and look good even on big screens. Some famous films are Battlefield Earth, Cruel Intentions, and The Breed. Site:

Hulu is for those in USA who need access to all cable programs without spending on cable connections. The service has original contents, as also offbeat movies, as also several classic Anime series. Some commercials exist, but far fewer than with cable. Site:

Top Documentary Films is for those fans of all sorts of public domain documentary films. This service is for watching all the documentaries on nature as well as on engineering. Some movies for users to watch, but documentaries are the primary attraction. Easily one of the best free video streaming sites. Site:

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Amazon Prime Video (USA, India) provides access to several popular titles and unique contents without ads, except some for Amazon shopping and Kindle. The comedy content and children’s programs are superb due to the Viacom deal which controls major children’s TV channels. Popular among people who shop online. Subscribers to Amazon Prime service,  get free,faster delivery of purchased products. Site:

Classic Cinema Online is for those interested in silent movies. A good collection of silent movies are on the website as also a small collection of other movies, but their silent movies star a few of the then biggest stars. Site:

Afdah is the global site to watch movies and TV shows online in HD quality, without registration. Movie streaming speed is superb as the website has user-friendly interface, well organized and easy to use. Afdah updates its database daily with complete information like language, movie release date, and IMDB rating. It hosts movie trailers and displays feedbacks from movie fans.

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Netflix since 1997 is a provider of films and TV series based on streaming media. From paid movies, the service is the giant of paid content. The user-friendly service is available for a meagre monthly fee to enjoy on multiple devices. Better yet, ask your family and friends for their password! Netflix has a variety of content in USA, but not outside USA and crackdown on VPN is now stronger and only fast VPN connection gives great streaming experience. Site:

Vumoo is among the best sites streaming movie online for free, without signing up. The website user interface is superbly designed, hosting 60k movies /TV shows are available. It also streams third-party website contents with easy to use navigation. The database grows to retain existing users and attract new visitors globally. Site:

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