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Signs That Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast

Ah, L-O-V-E.  Are they the four letters of happiness? Getting into a relationship is always a tricky business, when you are just dating. Are there signs that this new romance must slow down slightly especially when sensitive hearts are on the line?

Three simple words

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Saying “I love you” could move your relationship to the stars; but are you very sure about your partner or are you thrilled by someone new in your life? To be in love means you are attracted to someone while feeling love is reserved for those in long-term relationships with strong bonds with someone. This is about mapping your future. Do you know the person you plan to spend the rest of your life? It’s tough to learn much in a few short weeks.

The big move

While planning your lives, a major step in a relationship is to move in and stay together and makes the most sense. Your bills are halved while you come home to your beloved daily. But is that the person you wish to see at the end of every day? While the honeymoon period signals that your new beau is forever, this could change when you learn about personal habits. Being in a relationship should develop at its natural pace.

Non-negotiables do matter

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Remove the rose-colored spectacles to see real issues that crop up in your relationship. Everyone is different and that makes this world incredible! Whether it’s different likes, or varying favorite foods, or varying opinions on the world, these differences render us human. However, can you really ignore ideas that cause conflict over the years? Perhaps you want a huge family while your partner doesn’t want children?  These are all issues that don’t go away by ignoring them.

“Where are you?”

The odd mini-text throughout the day is a sweet reminder to let your partner know you do think about them. But if they are constantly messaging and questioning where you are? Remember that both sides of a relationship need some space. This could be a problem if you examine subtle tiny hints in their texts about what they may be trying to tell you. They missed an ‘x’ at the end, or forgot to add a heart-eyed emoji, are not reasons to get worked up. Instead, have a conversation to assess their tone of voice rather than how texts make you feel?

Spill all the secrets

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It’s an amazing feeling to have someone you trust so much you can tell them all your most well-kept secrets. However, does it seem like such a great idea to confide in somebody you are acquainted with for just a few days, your most intimate secrets? You never know who could learn of your past. Instead, it would be recommended that you allow only little nuggets of trust at a given time. If they prove they can be trusted, give them a bit more and so on. That way you avoid chances of future heartache if things do not work out in the end.

Relationships are amazing, but if in for the long haul, why the rush? After all, you have years ahead of you to discover all about your partner. Stepping back and slowing things down, helps to build a solid relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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