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These Actors Owe Their Careers to Roles They Surprisingly HATED!

Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman and George Clooney. What do you think these actors have in common besides the fact they are all megastars in their own rights? They all owe their fame and fortune to that one role that shot them to superstardom.

But just because these actors do such an incredible job in front of the camera, doesn’t mean that they’re always happy with their work.

In fact, after taking on so many versatile roles throughout their careers, there have bound to be moments where some of these actors absolutely hated their roles. But surprisingly, in some of these cases, these roles became their ticket to stardom and earned them millions overnight.

Many of these actors won’t ever speak ill of their past film projects or characters out of fear of sounding unprofessional or losing potential acting gigs, but some just don’t care! Here are 5 of our favorite actors who didn’t hold themselves back when admitting to hating their on-screen characters.

Nicole Kidman

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