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This Is Your Fail-Proof Checklist to Survive Your Next Long-haul Flight

Traveling is something we all love, including flying. But most travellers detest those long-haul flights, even the best ones! Having frequently flown over 10 hours to reach New York, I am getting used to long flights, and with time, comes wisdom. With limited vacation time, surviving long flights in economy, is essential. Arriving hungry, sore, and jet-lagged is no way to start a holiday-trip in a new country! A few tricks make long flights comfortable, and possibly enjoyable. If you need to stay entertained when your monitor is broken, or need help sleeping on long flights, I’ve a few practical tips. Before taking off, fasten your seat belts, and bookmark this page for reference. How to survive long-haul flights?


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Layer your clothing and wear socks even if your flight is in the midst of summer, carry warm clothes. Flights are deliberately cold, considering the volume of germs flying through the air. Socks are essential to avoid numb toes, especially on very long flights. A lightweight scarf, high-necked oversized sweater, a t-shirt and tights are ultimate. Comfort is essential.


Noise cancelling Sony headphones are really very important, if you desire to sleep, listen to music, or even watch a movie. You must bring your priceless little earpods to avoid paying $5 for highly inadequate airline- grade headphones.

Snacks and Water

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Carry your own snacks as buying airport food is too expensive but to be stuck on a plane with food you detest, leaves no option to get what you like. Carry a few snacks before boarding your flight to ensure you have something to snack on if needed. Drink water in plenty! Flying is a very dehydrating activity and your dehydration begins soon after boarding a plane. Ensure having water nearby and drink it regularly.


You just have to get the best seats for surviving your long flight in economy class and there’s so much discussion on it! If you have a bad seat next to the bathroom with no recline, enjoying your flight is difficult. So choose the best seat possible. SeatGuru is a credible resource for picking a seat in economy. Simply choose your airline, flight number, date of travel, and SeatGuru website will show you a seating map of the plane you will be travelling in and throw up the most comfortable seats. It’s the best way to snag seats with limited recline or ample under seat storage. If you are less than six feet tall, a reclining window seat will suit you best for sleeping. Taller travelers who were not able to get an exit row seat, can settle for an aisle seat instead.


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If you have trouble sleeping on a plane or traveling to a place where you need to be running immediately, take a sleeping pill on the flight, immediately after take-off, but if your flight is less than 6 hours, don’t do it. Learn to sleep on long flights. There are people who fall asleep anywhere, anytime, in any position. We should be happy for those people, though it’s hard not to hate them as you struggle for a few minutes of blissful rest. With chronic back pain, comfortable sleep is impossible on airplanes. A great neck pillow by Cabeau is most important for getting good sleep on a plane. It rolls up into a compact little bag that can be attached to your hand-bag.

After all this, sit back and relax. Time passes and eventually your too long flight will land!

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