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Mark Cuban Reveals the Unexpected Thing Money Can’t Change — Even with Billions of Dollars

Coming into a large sum of money can surely drastically change a regular Joe’s life whether for the worse or for the better. But billionaire Mark Cuban has a more complicated experience with striking it rich than this simplified take on life after becoming wealthy.

True Friends

A young Cuban with old friends Scott Susens, Martin Woodall, and Greg Schipper

Cuban, who’s best known for being the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has had a fortune 10-figure fortune for over two decades now.

However, he pretty much remains to be the same guy with the same friends as he was before all his wealth.

The 61-year-old ‘Shark Tank’ star personally believes that coming by a large amount of money can change people in some ways but that doesn’t have to be the case with everything.

Case in point: the businessman’s lifestyle has certainly upgraded, especially considering that he used to be a broke twenty-something guy living in a too-small pad with five other people.

What hasn’t changed though is that he is still friends with those same guys he spent his broke years with. He did admit though that he found it difficult at first to deal with old friends after his success.

In the end, though, he discovered that ‘your true friends stay your true friends’.

The Perks of Having Money

Cuban’s Dallas, Texas home, which reportedly cost $24.4 million today

Of course, when things do change, they change in an extreme way. From having to share a small space, Cuban can afford to own a mansion, multiple of them, in fact.

Cuban shares that some of the things he bought after making it big were a mansion, a vacation in a tropical destination, and a spontaneous Las Vegas trip to celebrate.

More importantly, the billionaire said that having money, as someone who started with so little, gave him some peace of mind. For him, this meant no longer stressing and worrying about affording bills.

Moments of Disbelief

Cuban with teenage daughters Alyssa and Alexis Sofia, and son Jake

Another interesting is that for a longtime billionaire, Cuban admits that he still has occasional ‘moments of disbelief’ about his extremely good fortune.

Although he would sometimes ask himself how everything happened, the entrepreneur tries to simply appreciate what he has now and not take them for granted. More importantly, he’s determined not to let his wealth spoil neither him nor his three children.

Cuban currently has a net worth of $4.3 billion. He first made his fortune after he and his co-founders sold to Yahoo! in 1999 for a reported $5.7 billion. He co-founded the Internet radio company with some longtime friends.

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