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Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Found the Perfect Way to Attract Buyers for Their $39.5 Million Home

Sometimes even celebrities can have trouble selling their high-priced possessions. After all, not many people have the resources to spend millions of the bat. Fortunately, power couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have devised a way to get more potential buyers to notice a mansion they are currently selling.

Virtual Tour

The home is described to be ‘the ultimate family dream home’

The couple has reportedly made a video tour of their massive estate in Brookline, Massachusetts showcasing everything that’s good about their once home.

This virtual tour would certainly help people see right away why the property’s jaw-dropping $39.5 million price tag might be justified. The video would also most likely be watched by people who are dreaming of someday being able to afford something of the same grandeur.

Standing on five acres of land, the home itself offers its future resident 12,000 square feet of interior living space alone.

It could also accommodate larger families with its five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. And they wouldn’t even have to get out of the estate for anything given that the property has its own gym, rec room, swimming pool, and even a vegetable and herb garden. Not to mention the 20 parking spaces on the lot.

A look inside the couple’s home, which they bought for just $4.5 million

Watching the video, viewers would also notice how the footballer and supermodel aren’t shy about their fame when it comes to finding a buyer for their house.

What’s more, fans of Brady’s team the New England Patriots would also notice some of the memorabilia the athlete has on display in his home as shown in the Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty video.

The couple’s asking price has changed a couple of times since they first put the home in the market. Just in January, the mansion was listed for significantly less than it is now at $33.9 million.

Potential Reasons

Brady reportedly hinted that he might be returning to the field for the 2020 football season

Brady and Bundchen reportedly custom-built the home and have lived there with their children for years. So, some may be wondering why they are now bent on parting with the property.

Some are speculating that the decision has something to do with the athlete’s potential retirement from football. He’s currently on a $23 million contract for the coming season but is still bound to negotiate what would come beyond that.

Sources also ruled out the possibility of Brady switching to a different team as he’s spent his entire professional career with the Patriots.

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