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‘Gossip Girl’ Has Tons Of Love Lessons That Might Just Save Your Relationship

Watching the teen series ‘Gossip Girl’ is a guilty pleasure for many people. Known for its iconic fashion moments and character vs character feuds, it’s not really the most critically-acclaimed of television shows. Still, the CW series can offer people a lot of practical relationship advice, according to couples therapist Kelly Scott.

From Friends to Lovers

In the show, Dan and Vanessa only had a short-lived romance

The friend-to-lover trope is often idealized in fiction. But in reality, seeking a romantic relationship with a close friend comes with numerous risks.

For example, the characters Dan and Vanessa started out as best friends in the show’s story. They eventually pursued something more intimate than that but to disastrous results. Scott assures that it’s possible for people in a platonic relationship to move on to a romantic one. The catch is that for it to be successful, they need to be flexible and be open to communication.

Making the First Move

Being straightforward with one’s feelings can be a scary thing to do in a relationship as evidenced by the dynamic between Chuck and Blair early on. But Scott says that that’s exactly what people need to do to know where they stand and find a way forward with a potential partner or a significant other. It would also create a sense of security for both parties.

Letting Go

Despite trying again, the characters ended up with different people in the show’s finale

Another thing that gets idealized in fiction is the idea of ‘the one that got away’. That’s probably why many people were rooting for the characters Rufus and Lily to end together on the show.

While this kind of story arc may seem ideal for some, it’s important to realize that it’s sometimes better to let go of the past. Scott acknowledges that it can be hard to forget history but also says that moving beyond that would be more fulfilling.

Spending Time Apart

As Scott believes, a relationship can’t be good when one party isn’t well. For example, a partner making all the sacrifices might soon find that they’re resenting their significant other.

This can be a good signal that one should consider taking a break from a relationship just like what Chuck and Blair did when they realized they were holding each other back.

Relationship Deal Breakers

The two characters married but eventually divorced

It’s no secret that the character Blair has an ambitious streak. So, when she had a chance to snag a literal prince, it all seemed like the stars aligning for her.

The problem is that they had some very dissimilar core values and goals that hindered them from having a successful relationship in the long term.

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