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Music Stars Who Hate the Hit Songs That Made Them Popular

Imagine coming up with an artistic masterpiece that singlehandedly propels you towards fame… but not being a fan of the said masterpiece. That must suck.

For some popular artists, this isn’t just an imagination. Over the years, we’ve swooned to incredible hits that haven’t just topped the charts but also sold millions of records worldwide.

While they have obviously earned their artists a lot of fame and fortune, most aren’t really a fan of the hit songs that made them popular.

Itching to know which hit songs we’re talking about? Keep reading to find out!

Kanye West

Kanye found fame after the success of ‘Gold Digger’

The self-proclaimed musical genius has a number of hit songs under his belt, but not all of them are equally close to his heart.

Known for being brutally honest and upfront about everything, Kanye wasn’t too shy to admit in a 2013 interview that he didn’t like his hit Gold Digger.

This might come as a surprise for most fans who first discovered the artist after the release of Gold Digger, a song that earned Ye a Grammy award for Best Solo Performance in the rap genre.

The song also ruled the top charts for 10 weeks after it was released.

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