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The Essential Oils You May Want to Add to Your Beauty Routine Right Now

Maintaining appearances can be the most time-consuming and daunting tasks you face (pun intended) daily. The constant battle to wipe off wrinkles, unwanted beauty spots, and stretch marks, is a challenging task as time goes by, but the task is rendered simpler with the addition of some essential oils. These chemical /additive-free fountains of youth out-perform all creams and lotions. These natural oils typically don’t dry you out or cause allergic skin reactions, but help activate immune systems to tone up overall health, and provide important nutrients to maintain your skin young and beautiful for years to come. These are some essential oils you could consider adding to your daily beauty routine!

For health

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but why visit the doctor at all? If struggling with skin health or dermatological problems, mix some essential lavender oil to your daily care, to rejuvenate your skin, reduce scars from wounds and burns, and also clear up persistent acne marks. A few drops of essential tea tree oil dries up sores, reduces swelling, and assists your body to fight off underlying infection. If fighting age-related issues, the citral in essential lemon oil, provides vitamin C and antioxidants to reduce damaging effects of age besides refreshing your skin.

For beauty

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To look our best, why waste time with powders, pastes, masks and swabs? Essential rose oil is a time-tested remedy for discoloration and dry skin, besides reducing wrinkling and signs of advancing age. The distinct essential musk rose oil is a European plant extract, loaded with polyunsaturated fatty acids, to boost collagen production for naturally beautiful skin, besides all vitamins A through E to reduce stretch marks, skin creases, and tags. Essential sage oil softens and firms up your skin, preventing new wrinkles and stress lines from forming while ensuring gentler skin, for a youthful appearance.

For maintenance

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If in the prime of beauty and health, the amount of work necessary to maintain that peak condition, is known. Substitute essential argan oil to prevent sun damage, enforce skin elasticity and nail density. It does not block pores, so those with naturally oily skin welcome it. To ensure sensible scents, mix essential geranium oil with essential chamomile oil. Geranium is potent and very strong, so diluting it, is essential to prevent skin irritation. This essential oil actually prevents and treats cellulitis proactively and various bacteria-triggered skin diseases, and has an added bonus by reducing body odours. Chamomile is a suitable mixer for this, as it is non-irritating despite the quantities used, and also has anti-inflammatory properties that offsets the harsh scent of geranium and resists dermatitis; it also has a very pleasant scent that lingers on for a surprisingly long span of time.

With so many varieties of essential oils out there waiting to be tried out, these nine oils are great starters for the novice to dive into an essential oil body regimen, as they blend well together and unlikely to cause any untoward reactions. Once you use essential oils, you’ll wonder why you considered rubbing entire tub-loads of alleged miracle products when healthier and affordable alternatives were available for you to discover these. Most treatments you already use, contain these oils, so do try something new today!

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